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Seller Representation

Combined we have represented numerous clients in selling their real estate, always while cognizant of meeting their specific needs and goals from the sale.  While the trend in brokerage today is to simply "market" your property, we stand by the principle of being hired to "sell" your property.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the differences with you.  We pride ourselves on maintaining this principle in our brokerage.


We offer several methods of selling your property, and will help determine which is best for you.  For our dicerning clients we offer a unique method we call our  our Concierge service.






For our more discerning clients we offer our Concierge service.  Under our Concierge service, we will be at your property while potential buyers are viewing.  This enables us to not only help safeguard your property and possessions, but to also make sure potential buyers are aware of attributes unique to your property.  This is one of the techniques we use to "sell" your property!   We would welcome the opportunity to discuss if this option is a fit for you.



Our excelent standard services to sellers encompass but are not limited to the following:


  • Helping advise a listing structure that meets your goals

  • Helping advise a pricing structure to achieve your goals

  • Helping advise a timing structure to achieve your goals

  • Advising on needed repairs or updates to maximize your opportunities

  • Property marketing and media

  • Buyer procurement

  • Arranging property viewing

  • Property sale structuring and negotiation

  • Legal aspects of property sale advising

  • Moving logistics


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